FIVE has clients from the following market segments:

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmochemical Industries

Medical Products Industries

Natural Remedies Industries

Cleaning Products Industries

Personal Hygiene, Perfume and Cosmetics Industries

Veterinary Industries

Medical Gases Industries

Storage and Distributors of Medicinal Products

...and their suppliers.


To provide high quality services with innovative proposals, flexibility and commitment to the requirements of regulatory agencies (FDA, ANVISA, EMA, etc.), always seeking the preservation of:

  • The health of patients and those using our client's medicine and products
  • The quality of products manufactured and sold by our clients
  • The integrity of data recorded by our client's computer systems, and objects of validation


We strive for Validation and Qualification as an ongoing practice, contributing to the solidification of a culture that prioritizes client satisfaction.

We always seek to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners with regard to efficiency, innovation and quality of generated technical content, and to reflect the reality of equipment and systems, as well as permeated processes, in accordance with the demand of regulatory agencies for public, human and animal health.

We aim to constantly improve processes, equipment and systems, making the disciplines of Validation and Qualification primary and respected activities within the company, and throughout the greater Life Sciences marketplace.

We add value to the products of our clients, increasing its quality and credibility to the consumer. We invest in the continuous training of our employees, as well as in the expansion and upgrading of technical resources, so that our services fully meet the needs of our clients.

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