FIVE statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Dear employees, clients and suppliers,
FIVE is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) and we are adhering to the instructions of the national and international health organizations and municipal, state agencies. In harmony with FIVE's general mission to minimize risks that impact the health and well-being of families, some changes in routine will be necessary. In light of this situation, the following decisions have been made:

1) 100% of the team working from home: since its foundation in 2008, work from home has been carried out naturally at FIVE. Currently, this flexible form of work has gained more relevance, due to the current that the world is facing. The culture of working from home enables FIVE to use tools that make it possible to perform all activities at a distance, including validation meetings and projects, qualifications, training, data integrity, etc.
FIVE is also the developer of GO!FIVE, an innovative software that allows professionals to perform validation and qualification activities remotely, online support, eliminating travel and the use of paper documents, which pass through many hands during projects. This is an innovative solution to reduce health risks for professionals;

2) Reduction of people physically present in the office: FIVE's physical office, which holds up to 30 workstations worked on duty on the week of March 16 to 20;

3) Prioritization of high-risk groups: pregnant employees, those who have small children, those who have any existing health problems, or family members who are already ill in one way or the other, will be recommended to work from their respective homes;

4) Emphasis in hygiene: all 6 restrooms have paper towels to dry hands; pots of 70% alcohol gel are available; and the janitor has been instructed to intensify the cleaning of door handles, armrests and tabletops;

5) Ventilation of office environments: when someone is working in the office, all doors and windows must remain opened;

6) The commercial building: the FIVE office is located in a commercial building with a reduced flow of people; a maximum of 3 people will only be allowed to access the elevator at the same time; and alcohol gel dispensers will be conveniently placed near the elevators. In addition, the entrance doors will remain fully open for the purpose of providing good ventilation;

7) On-site activities with clients: all on-site activities with clients have been suspended for until further notice;

8) Closing of the office: From Mar 23th 2020 the office will be closed with all remote operations, without any prejudice to the work;

9) Unforeseen situations: any situation that may arise that will require to change the pre-existing strategy should be communicated to the FIVE management team for consideration.


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