Success case – Organon

Organon digitalizes test applications and increases productivity with GO!FIVE®

"We carried out a high-impact project in partnership with FIVE, which through the use of their paperless tool in the execution of qualification and validation tests, provided us with a 20% reduction in workload allocated to these activities, as well as a saving of one month of work from various teams and meeting internal quality standards."

Victor Ratier Rodrigues - Spclst, Business, Business Technology Campinas – 2023

20% increase in productivity
Savings of 30 days of work from various teams

Meeting quality standards



Organon is a global health company that leads in the development of medicines for women. Its purpose is to contribute to women having more health and well-being in all stages of life. The company has a portfolio of over 60 medications in various therapeutic areas, such as reproductive health, contraception, heart disease, and breast cancer. Among these products are also biosimilars and established market medications. Originating from pharmaceutical company MSD, Organon operates autonomously with approximately 9,000 employees worldwide.


Process automation

Organon, which already carried out validation/qualification projects with the FIVE team, following their own templates, authorized the use of the validation software GO!FIVE® for test application in a high-impact project.
Therefore, part of the cycle was carried out in the traditional way (on paper), and only the test execution within the GO!FIVE® platform.

The Organon specialist explains that the company was able to identify an increase in productivity and savings of 1 month of work from various teams while maintaining quality and internal standards.

Although only part of the project was facilitated by the system, as it was a pilot project and Organon decided to continue with the others traditionally, the digitization of the test phase had a high impact on the project's success, considering the digital flow, elimination of manual work, and real-time access to information.


About GO!FIVE®

A digital validation qualification software that provides a solution for validation/qualification from development, clinical, regulatory, compliance, production, and distribution phases for Life Sciences companies.

With the GO!FIVE® solution, it is possible to accelerate time-to-market, reduce validation and qualification time by 6x, streamline compliance, with lower cost.


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