Be our Sales Rep!

If your company works for corporate clients in the Life Sciences area, already has contacts with this market to sell products or services, and understands that validation can add value to your business; maybe your company is just the one we’re looking for to be our sales rep!

What is a Sales Rep?

A Sales Representative is a company that has a team that sells another company's products or services and gets paid by commission per each sale for the patron company, in this case, FIVE Validation.

Would you like to optimize your structure?

If you are an entrepreneur, already have a commercial and technical structure to deliver services or products and have a portfolio of customers in the Life Sciences area; you qualify to be our sales representative.This way, you can have the opportunity to monetize and create opportunities that add value to your current and new customers by representing our brand.Position your company better in the bid by offering services and/or validation software with the quality and support of those who really understand the subject.

Be a Sales Rep in either area of software and/or services

Basically, FIVE Validation has two business areas: services and software.

If your company already provides validation services, it is still possible to be our Sales Rep, exclusively with software!

Our company prioritizes software sales to popularize access to robust and quality validations.

A non-competitive, regional agreement can be offered to your company.

Click here to see our special conditions for using GO!FIVE® software for partner clients.

Would you like to be our Sales Rep?

Preferences for companies in the area (one or more may be applicable):