FIVE adheres to ESG best practices and conducts itself ethically in three areas.


It is clear that healthcare needs to become greener! How do we handle that?

Preservation of our natural world.

• Paperless Validation Approach - no use of paper, no printers, no cartridge disposal (tens of thousands of sheets of paper per year that haven’t been wasted since FIVE started using paperless validation).

• FIVE operation is conducted electronically, in Cloud: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), eQMS (electronic Quality Management System), IT management software, etc.

• Allows 100% remote work, to avoid commuting and contributing to carbon emissions reduction.



Consideration of humans and our interdependency

• Work from anywhere - professionals with the same opportunities as in big business centers.

• Clients’ success.

• Pay equality, without discrimination.

• Gender and diversity inclusion.

• Economic growth - validations up to 4 times faster that impacts time-to-market.

• Education and innovation - FIVE provides the 5-Training platform, personal and remote trainings to clients and employees, and invests part of the profits in the expansion and updating of technical resources.
• Health and safety – FIVE provides health insurance, an enjoyable working environment, and adequate tools to ensure health and safety for all employees. Through its services, FIVE helps to mitigate risks to patients and clients around the world.

• Community relations - FIVE contributes to the professional community by sharing knowledge in the form of collaborative technical work as unpaid consultants to regulatory agencies and company associations.

• Multicultural team - remote work provides a better quality of life for the team. It retains highly qualified professionals and connects them from anywhere in the world.



Defined process for running a business or organization

• Cybersecurity measures

• Data privacy regulatory compliance

• Ethical behavior

• Risk and opportunity oversight

• Indicators

• Hiring and onboarding best practices

• FIVE has legal conformity

• FIVE’s core service is delivering compliance in quality, that is part of our client’s governance.