31 de March de 2023

GAMP5® 2nd edition and CSA FDA: Why they can be good for business.

Some important points that the second edition of GAMP5® and CSA bring and make us think about ‘how system validations will be from now on.
22 de August de 2022

Cloud Computing Validation in a Regulated Environment

Cloud Computing plays an essential role in the digital revolution that most companies are now experiencing.
4 de October de 2021

System Validation leaves paper behind, projecting us into the digital era.

Probably we still validate using paper because we are used to it because it is the only way we know how to do it or because most companies still do so.
22 de January de 2020

SAP ECC® and SAP HANA® – Technical Upgrade

One of the most used systems in industries is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is the platform through which, among other functionalities.
22 de January de 2020

What is Computer System Validation – CSV?

The validation proves with documentation that computer systems used in industrial production adequately fulfill their automatic functions and contribute to ensure the traceability of produced batches and meets GMP regulations.