Change from paper to SaaS platform: now is the time!

Activities and changes in consumer behavior are proving that it’s only a matter of time before the use of paper is obsolete.

In daily, routine activities, we have already noticed a decrease in the use of paper, such as electronic payment receipts, and migration from newspapers to digital media, among others. With the advancement of technology, progress takes the form of an ascendant wave, encompassing more and more areas.

As technology becomes more commonplace, professionals and companies that do not evolve with it may be left behind in an increasingly globalized and competitive market.

Companies are looking to maximize productivity, and increase efficiency, not to mention revenue. Moving to digital solutions and standardization is the best way. It's only a matter of time until companies will put a stop to paper-based, manual activities which are time-consuming and wasteful.

*Until September 2023, in GO!FIVE®, 494 projects were carried out. Each project includes, on average, 15 deliverables, and to create each deliverable, approximately 133 sheets are needed. With this information, we can calculate that a total of 985,530 sheets of paper were saved (494 projects × 15 deliverables per project × 133 sheets per deliverable = 985,530).Considering that on average, 16.67 reams of A4 paper (each containing 500 sheets) can be produced from one tree1, we can conclude that FIVE Validation saved, until the third quarter of 2023, the equivalent of 118 trees (985,530 sheets saved ÷ 16.67 reams per tree ÷ 500 sheets per ream).

In addition to digital validation using GO!FIVE® software (learn more), all FIVE validation operations are carried out electronically, in the cloud.

100% of digital validations and qualifications are already a reality.

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