Quality Policy

FIVE offers service with quality recognized and recommended, through innovative proposals, following the better regulatory concepts, the digital transformation and sustainability.

We dedicate our time to provide more efficient services, valuing the time of the professionals in the compliance maintenance, with the technology as an important ally.

We base our actions on the continuous search for improvement and satisfaction of our customers, founded in the following principles:

FIVE acts with determination, competence and honesty, seeking the continuous improvement and efficiency of our services and consequently the results to the clients.
FIVE acts in a responsible and transparent way, guided by justice, respect to the laws, persons, politics, rules and companies’ decisions.
FIVE encourages the employees to act with creativity and initiative, enabling experimentation and innovation, aiming the growth of the company.
FIVE permanently seeks to promote the quality of life of our employees, so that this reflects in meeting the needs of our clients.
FIVE reinvests part of financial profit in knowledge and new technological solutions.
Horizontal Management
Five has a management model that provides for its employee autonomy for decisions making, that makes the management flexible and allow that the solutions happen together, aiming agility and quality on projects delivery.
FIVE seeks to recognize and value the attitudes, skills, contributions and individual or collective achievements of our employees, offering equal opportunities and providing personal and professional development within the company.
FIVE members are oriented to team work to achieve better results, seeking sharing of knowledge, aligning in the performance of work, sharing ideas and skills, respecting diversity of opinions, strengthening integration in the performance of work committed to results, complementing and adding value to professional team of our clients e its work process.
Customer focus
We base our actions on the continuous search for improvement, customer satisfaction, and in the understanding of their needs and expectations. We seek to identify risks that affect the compliance and quality of our services in order to better serve the customer.
Giving back to the professional community
FIVE contributes to the professional community by sharing knowledge in the form of collaborative technical work, with subsidized payment or unpaid consultants, to regulatory agencies and company associations.

In addition, FIVE Validation has an intriguing initiative wherein it offers a startup program that heavily subsidizes the digital validation approach, enabling startup companies to adhere to regulations. To learn more about this program, click here.