Paperless Validation Q&A Session

Silvia Martins CEO and co-founder of FIVE Validation and Jon Nugent from CoursWorx organized a session to help businesses better understand the importance of paperless validation. In this recorded event, she answers many questions about paperless validation topics.


Silvia is an electrical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience working in validation and was trained in England, Germany, and Denmark, with several articles published in the field. She worked with ANVISA, a Brazilian regulatory agency to create the first CSV set of guidelines.

This video will update you on the new way of doing validations and answer questions such as ‘what is it’, ‘the importance of it’, how the market is affected, how to simplify the high demands of the process, and reduce costs.

Also she discusses how to transition from traditional, paper-based validations to a digital approach with the innovative software - GO!FIVE® that is 5x faster.


Click here to watch the full video of the event (approx. 34 minutes)


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Watch the best moments from the webinar that have been abridged for you in shorter videos:

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