Challenges of SAP® Validation for Life Science Companies 


Silvia Martins, CEO, and Co-Founder of FIVE Validation has envisioned this session to help businesses better go through SAP® project including validation challenges.

Very special and skilled panelists were invited to this section where they gave precious tips and recommendations that can shorten your path to a successful project.

“It may be hard for a highly regulated company to convert or migrate or even start with SAP S/4 HANA®. I feel that working together, we can add value to the audience. We could take advantage of this to be part of a positive community to exchange ideas on how to have good projects. Good things need to be shared!”, Silvia Martins.

The following amazing panelists were invited to share their experience with SAP® validation. It’s very likely you have good insights with this event like 'lessons learned.

What was discussed

The following topics were covered:

  • Digital transformation journey
  • The main challenges of an SAP® implementation project
  • Greenfield, Brownfield, and Bluefield approaches
  • Sample testing in case of data migration
  • Upgrade from SAP ECC® to HANA® database
  • Validation strategy
  • Benefits of a paperless validation

Special Guests – Panelists

Multidisciplinary team: a very interesting chat

From a Life Science SAP® user point of view

From an implementation vendor point of view


Emerson Vieira – DXC Technology

Graduated in Business Administration from FEA-USP, Emerson has been working in the SAP® ecosystem for over 20 years and has helped companies from various segments in their digital journey with SAP® transformation solutions for conversions to the S/4 HANA® platform, move to cloud cloud, e-procurement, customer, and user experience. Has been working at DXC Technology since 2014, currently as SAP® Pre-Sales Leader for Latin America at DXC, being expert in solution design for complex digital transformation projects, especially S/4HANA® migration/implementation projects and cloud solutions.

From a project manager’s point of view

Rubens Fernandes – Grupo NC, terceiro

Graduated in Computer Science, has been working for almost 40 years with development, implementation, support and management of Information Systems, mainly ERPs. In the 2000s, worked in systems validation projects for multinational healthcare companies and, more recently, in a SAP ECC® Validation project for FDA and ANVISA in a Brazilian multinational pharmaceutical company.

From an expert's point of view of interfacing SAP to satellite systems


Rafael Schirmer – SPI Integradora

Post graduated in Industrial Administration by POLI-USP and bachelor’s degree in information systems, with a solid technical background of 19 years dedicated to the development and implementation of ERP, MES, LES, WMS, Track&Trace systems, cloud solutions, system integrations, and applications of wireless technologies, RFID, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) for industrial process transformation. Deep knowledge of the main global software and hardware platforms for systems and industrial automation. Managing partner of SPI, responsible for the company's Digital area.

From a validation specialist point of view

Silvia Martins – FIVE Validation

Electrical engineer, with almost 20 years of experience in serving Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Devices companies. Trained in England in GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFR Part11, in Germany in SAP® validation, and in Denmark in Data Integrity and Data Governance. CEO and co-founder of FIVE Validation, a promising startup that aims to make compliance faster and simpler

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